June how you do that?

How I do this? easy… 

  • All the links following the pictures are similar diy YouTube videos on how I made these pieces.
  • The last two pieces I did on my own, the first one i did when i was a beginner in sowing (last year)… all of these pieces are fairly easy to do



Fabric: Kente cloth

Link: Metal Button Front Suede Skirt // Sewing Tutorial

Broken Clocks


I made this for someone because they had a vision and wanted me to try it out. For their sake im not going to explain how I made this but i do encourage you guys to try DIY shoelace methods with your clothes. In the picture i used the shoelace method but with diamonds.

Link: Lady Friends: How To Cut a Lace Up Shirt (🔨)

Link: 5 MIN DIY LACE UP TOP (🔨🔨🔨)

Link: DIY Lace up T-shirt (🔨🔨)



Fabric: jasiri styles

Link: DIY | How to make a super cute & easy off the shoulder dress | Raylene Harvey

Iskaba - Wande Cole

Broken Clocks - SZA

Mandem - Jay Prince, Shakka

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