June x Blog Talk

Graduation is around the corner and I’ve been doing some thinking so lets talk.

Everyone or at least most people get to a point in life where they start to evaluate people they want to take with to this new chapter of their life and who they’ll leave behind. But what most people do wrong is keep toxic people around. If someone does not better you as a person there is no point in keeping them around. Stop keeping friends around that don’t care for you the way you care for them.

People grow apart, people change. If that friend you grew apart from stops being a real friend to you, let them go. If that friend changes and doesn’t make the same effort as you to keep the bond, let them go.

Most toxic friendships come with signs and we all love to ignore them. Then in the end were dealing with hurt and indecisiveness of whether to let that friend go or not.

Ex: if there is constant drama in that friendship you should probably… leave


Ex: if that friend is envious of you and never uplifting you… leave 


Ex: if that friend is ALWAYS playing victim… you better go girl


Ex: if they only support you for their own benefit



Also remember the kind of friends you keep around reflect the person you are and who you become.

  • You associate with people with who don’t aspire to be great, you wont be great. So before you keep those friends around that you think benefit you just because you have good gossip sessions, think twice. Outside those sessions how do they benefit you. Before you keep that friend who stabbed you in your back once, think are they really worth keeping around if I have to always be cautious what i tell them?

Also don’t think you’re the perfect friend either, really evaluate the kind of friend you are and see how you can be the better friend.

Chance The Rapper - Summer Friends


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