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We are half-way through 2017, sonow is a good time to reflect on this year and see how we can improve it. If you have been off to a rough start, and January 1st seems far away, you may be hoping that this article will motivate you to kick-start the rest of the year. You are right, there is still 6 months left to make it one to remember.2016 was a pretty miserable year for me thus, I was determined to turn my 2016 mistakes into my 2017 guidelines for a “better me”.And so I bring to you my lessons learnt from 2017 and how they have helped me (so far). If you’ve lacked motivation in shaking things up, or shooting your shot at a better 2017, I hope that this will motivate you to kick-start the rest of youryear!

1. “Stop trying to support people in the…

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