Feels like summer

D.I.Y Off Shoulder Top

…my way


  • Thread & Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Scissors (or regular scissors)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Fabric chalk
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin


  • Take tape measure and measure your bust
    • Bust- a woman’s chest as measured around her breasts
  • Then take the tape measure and measure around your arms
    • when you wrap the tape measure around your arm make sure you’re not making it too tight leave a little space for your arms to breathe
  • When you finish that you will take the chalk and mark your measurements on the fabric you are using, and cut it
    • for your big piece I would recommend adding a few more inches onto that because you will be cutting it into two pieces
  • Now so there’s no jagged edges you will fold the top and bottom edges of the two big pieces and seam the edges

  • You will now put good sides together and pin it before you sew

(This next step I completely forgot to take pictures, so i will try to explain it the best i can and i will also link a YouTube video)

  • this step you will cut out the elastic the same length as your bust
    • Note: I didn’t sew my elastic on to my arms! (i just didn’t want any on my arms)
      • what I did is i double folded the top edge of the two big pieces but made a hole big enough so i can pull through the elastic, once the elastic is pulled through i seamed the end of the elastic that did not have the safety-pin (so when i pull the elastic its secure)
      • then I pulled the elastic and made visible ruffles before i seamed the other end
  • Here is a YouTube link that explains it pretty well:
    • 54542d2deac0ea123bc65bc523cbea1c
    • image33

(These next few steps will have pictures but you will also notice that I added a little bit of sheer kind of fabric which now you will understand why on the step prior to this one was a little confusing. I added the sheer like fabric because the fabric i was using were actually old scraps from old fabrics so i ended up just being a little short. All my steps are carefully explaining how i would’ve made it without the sheer fabric so please do not over think these steps and the pictures!)

…And if you choose to add the sheer you can still follow these steps

Steps Continued

  • since you already have your arm pieces cut out now you will just be sewing the good sides together, don’t forget to double stitch (not sewn together in picture)


  • Now you will carefully pin arm holes to your “big piece”
    • pin good sides together!
    • TIP: don’t sew it inside out, I did that and it messed me up!

Any questions please comment below, dm me on instagram, or email me (jrucha122@gmail.com)

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