Mud MasK

Mud Masks have recently become very popular. I’ve still yet to try a peel off mask, I really want to try a black peel off mask so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I only have two mud masks I regularly use, I try to do a mask at least twice a week. I think you’re only suppose to use it once a week but I think once im done with this review you’ll understand why I use it twice a week.


  1.  Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask


REVIEW: This mask was overall okay it refreshed my face and made it really smooth, the only con I had for it is that it didn’t dry up which I was expecting considering it was a mask, it more so felt like I put lotion on my face or moisturizer. I felt as if it didn’t do its job when I washed it off. But considering that African Black Soap is made for people with oily and have trouble skin I shouldn’t have expected it to completely dry up. Now if you’re just using this mask I recommend you to use it twice a week so you can get better results, and twice a week as in use it Monday then again Saturday.

HERE is a YouTube review on the mud mask that I like.

2. Yes to Tomatoes Face Charcoal Mask


REVIEW: Now this right here, lemme just tell you I was shook from how well it worked on my first time using it. This actually dried up on my face and I could feel the work being done. Not only that when I washed it off I saw immediate changes to my face, my forehead (problem spot) was extremely clear couldn’t even notice I had any pimples there. I would recommend to only use this once a week because of how well it worked but if you used it twice a week it would most likely prevent breakouts. The packet in the picture only cost $2.52 at Target.

HERE is a YouTube review of the product, skip to 6:42!


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