Poppin Skin Errday

How to get poppin skin errday…

this will be my daily skin routine and the regular products i use

  1. Morning
    • Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming cleanser
    • To moisturize i use: Aveeno Clear Complexion daily moisturizer


  2. Night
    • Aveeno Clear Complexion daily cleansing padscca375d2-2908-4a75-9df9-edf94fc35260.png._CB285988119_
    • Moisturizer: same from above

The reason i do it in this order is because the foaming cleanser gently removes the dirt from your face in the morning and does not leave it too dry. The cleansing pads remove tons of dirt especially dirt that you have picked up throughout the day. If you wear makeup and want something that really removes all the left over dirt your make up wipe left the cleansing wipes really help. Although the cleansing pads do leave your face a little dry, if you feel as if the moisturizer didn’t work all too well you can apply Vaseline in the areas you feel needed.

Aveeno’s Clear Complexion line can be use for all skin types, it might not work as well on some, everyone’s skin is different but from suggesting this to people it has worked well considering its just a daily wash kind of thing. 

Here you can see in detail the products used to make the cleansers.

Aveeno has other skin products that are extremly useful. Below are ones that i have tried and highly recommend.


Any questions please comment below or dm me on instagram or email me (jrucha122@gmail.com)



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