"what kind of life is a life you don't want to live, a life that you want to end/ a life that others see value in but to you hold less value than 0 cent" - DH Black girl in America.. I'm a queen. Colored hair with a fade... I'm different.  Not the average size... …

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Love Hurts

Let me style you boo... Styled by June R.I've taken my eye for fashion a step further. This blog is filled with a few of the outfit sets that I've made, all these outfits are easy to find, some aren't but hopefully, it inspires an outfit idea. I'm excited to bring this new edition to my …

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DDD BEST STYLES | Kenyan Edition

DDD x Kenya My (top 3) picks on who has the best style in Dallas among the Kenyan diaspora. These are people I believe that have a style that stands out and separates them from the rest. The Ladies... Hazel K Instagram   Poizon Ivy Instagram Yoki Twitter    The Gents... Roy Instagram   Stephen …

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Black Boys Don’t Cry | Part 2

June x Blog Talk "Don't go through the problems in your head alone. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. The worst thing to do is think ur alone in it." -Isaiah Rashad     ... Avondre, 19 Absent father, single mom. No father figure meant not knowing exactly how to be a man. Jail visits only lasted …

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