Make Luv

BRENT FAIYAZ BRENT FAIYAZ BRENT FAIYAZ BRENT FAIYAZ say it again. This playlist was inspired by Brent Faiyaz. Brent has content that will automatically put you in a good mood. His content makes you feel relaxxxed so this playlist.... you know what how about YOU just take a listen and follow me on Spotify for my recent playlists. [...]


DDD BEST STYLES | Kenyan Edition

DDD x Kenya My (top 3) picks on who has the best style in Dallas among the Kenyan diaspora. These are people I believe that have a style that stands out and separates them from the rest. The Ladies... Hazel K Instagram   Poizon Ivy Instagram Yoki Twitter    The Gents... Roy Instagram   Stephen [...]

The Tea

We live in a generation where money is the only priority. No more genuine YouTubers, bloggers, designers, and hell no more genuine donut shops. S/o to ling ling tho... Sooo let's get started... Everyone is now either a YouTuber, a premature designer, or a business owner. We have all these "creatives" with no genuine passion for [...]

Black Boys Don’t Cry | Part 2

June x Blog Talk "Don't go through the problems in your head alone. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. The worst thing to do is think ur alone in it." -Isaiah Rashad     ... Avondre, 19 Absent father, single mom. No father figure meant not knowing exactly how to be a man. Jail visits only lasted [...]

Self Love

It's Time For Me ”June you’re so pretty” “omg June you have such nice skin” “you’re so sweet June” ”June why don’t you smile more” “You don’t really have a welcoming face” “oh June you can’t find nothing to wear in this store” Now I can go into depths on why I don’t love myself unconditionally but [...]